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Our  Journey

Our master chef's culinary journey started on the hips of his mother and grandmother in the family kitchen. They were there 4 nights a week and every Sunday for several years and this is where the love and understanding of how care and great food can bond people in a way no other social event can. When he became old enough to work at Abby’s Place (his grandmother's eatery) it seemed like he spent more time there than home learning from, in his opinion, two of the greatest cooks in the mid-west. He was taught to never cook for anyone if his heart and mind were not in it or if he's not in a great mood. “Your energy is the first, most important, and last ingredient,” said his two teachers. To this day he lives by that advice.


Chef James became a Grill Extraordinaire by watching and learning from the teachings of a grilling aficionado, his own father. His love for the animals, vegetables, fruits, etc. is complimented only by his willingness to push boundaries while staying true to traditional grilling and barbecue techniques. His father's attention to detail and dedication to creating the right heat environment for the fare he prepared was and still is awe-inspiring to watch.  Observing him has greatly influenced Chef James's intellectual, multilayered understanding of how different heat sources bring out the full, natural flavors of various foods.


He credits these three individuals for helping him to find and know his purpose. He believes that preparing and serving great food is his creative space, where he can paint outside the lines. What he wants to share with others the most is a glimpse into his love for family and friends (people), his respect for the nourishment earth provides for us, and to showcase where his technical understanding of paring flavors, spices, and fare come together in a symphony of heat and timing to bring an unforgettable culinary experience to your table.​

Kneading Dough
Grilled Beef

Experience the Difference

We are redefining food and event production by adhering to these values...


We are committed to creating a menu that fits your taste, budget & style.


We are committed to providing exquisite food, expert coordination & gracious service.


We are committed to using locally sourced produce & the freshest ingredients for exceptional taste.

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